Bucket Elevator


Operation of the Bucket Elevator

This machine contains one element, and is fully automatic, serving the sole purpose of transporting cherries from the mechanical syphon to the unripe bean separator.

    1. c. Cherries are carried by the buckets to the top of the elevator, where they are emptied into a pipe that feeds the unripe bean separator.

  1. 1. As cherries, (sinkers), depart the mechanical syphon, they are channeled, systematically into the base of the bucket elevator.

    1. a.The mechanical syphon is attached to the bucket elevator, via a loading hopper, that feeds the elevator.

    1. b. Cherries enter the bucket elevator, and are collected into perforated, plastic buckets.

      1. i.Buckets are separated from one another by roughly 10 inches, and are connected to a belt, circulating throughout the two primary, circular shafts of the elevator.

      2. ii.The belt is turned and set in motion by a wheel and chain at the top of the elevator.