Patio Carts

Operation of the Patio Carts

  1. 1. Patio carts function as transporters and spreaders of parchment coffee throughout the drying process.

    1. a.Once the parchment coffee completes the depulping process, they are spread out onto the patios to begin drying.

    2. b.Patio carts are loaded from hoppers, located at the depulping station.

      1. i.Carts are placed beneath the hoppers, at which point, a manually operated hatch is opened, allowing coffees to be emptied into the carts.

    1. c.Carts are designed like a funnel, so that coffees may be easily emptied.

      1. i.A manually operated door is positioned at the bottom of the cart, which is opened and closed by a lever position near the handle of the cart.

      2. ii.While carts are in motion, the door is opened, slowly spreading the coffees in a sheet onto the patios, from the base of the cart.

      3. iii.The degree of thickness by which the coffees are spread is also controlled by the lever.