Unripe Bean Separator

Operation of the Unripe Bean Separator

  1. 1. The purpose of the unripe bean separator is to sort out, from the sinkers, any cherries that are not fully ripe.

    1. a.Cherries are distributed to the UBS from the bucket elevator.

    2. b.Within the UBS, spanning one end to the other, is a horizontal, perforated cylinder, which all cherries enter into.

    1. c.As cherries enter the cylinder, it rotates, while applying water, and pressure to the cherries, forcing them against the outer perforated wall of the cylinder.

      1. i.The outer shell of a ripened cherry is soft, and easily compressed.

      2. ii.Unripe cherries are not easily compressed.

    2. d.As cherries are forced against this outer perforated wall, ripened cherries will compress, and pass through easily; unripe cherries will not compress, and therefore, not pass through the perforated wall of the cylinder.

    1. e.Unripened cherries do not compress, and are thereby rejected by the perforated screen of the internal cylinder.

      1. i.Cycled by the cylinder, unripened cherries will be directed out of the internal cylinder, to the bottom, or end of the UBS.

      2. ii.There, they will be channeled out of the UBS, and into a pipe, that flows downward, and back to the left chamber of the mechanical syphon, where those unripened cherries are incorporated with the floaters for further processing.

    1. a.Ripe cherries, compress, and pass through the perforated screen of the internal cylinder.

      1. i.Ripe cherries are then directed, by a rotating screw at the base of the UBS, to either of two openings that feed the depulpers.