Vertical Depulpers

Operation of the de-pulpers

  1. 1.Cherries are fed into the mechanical de-pulpers from the Unripe Bean Separator.

    1. a.De-pulpers are vertical standing and cylindrical, and serve the function of removing the outer pulp from the beans within.

    2. b.Two primary components carry out this function.

    3. c.As cherries flow downward through the machine, they are pressed  and split between two metal parts, the motion of the friction allowing the pulp to flow out of the machine, while retaining the beans, channeling them to the next machine for further processing. 

  1. 2.All cherries enter the de-pulper from the top, where they are funneled into multiple concave channels.

    1. a.These channels serve as conduits, allowing the cherries to pass form the top of the de-pulper to the bottom.

    2. b.In the process of passing through the channel, cherries come into contact and friction with the shirt of the de-pulper.

  1. 3.The shirt of the de-pulper is a grated metal shield, which spins, composing the inner most cylinder of the machine.

    1. a.The metal shied is what creates friction against the cherry as it falls within the metal channels, and against the rotating shield.

    2. b.This metal shield must create friction in a manner that does not damage the bean itself.

    3. c.The circular motion of the shield is what first removes the pulp from the coffee, leaving only the beans, and secondly carries the pulp away from the channels, into a secondary chamber, where the pulp is removed from the machine and process.

      1. i.Pulp, once it has been removed from the bean, is channeled into a shaft where it is carried to an elevator, and disposed of from the process.

      2. ii.Coffee pulp, will go on to become fertilizer, used for the coffee trees.

  1. 4.Once it has passed through the depulping machine, coffee no longer contains the cherry, and in this stage, is called parchment coffee.

    1. 1.It will pass form the depulping machine, into the horizontal rotary screen, to again be sorted.